• Born and raised in Romania (Central-SE Europe for the geographically-challenged)
  • Just as much left-brained as right-brained; loves exact sciences and creative arts
  • Can envision each project as a whole but loves details and has been known to redo designs because they were "one pixel off"
  • Programming Major in High School (anyone remember BASIC and dBASE?)
  • Business and Graphic Design Majors in College
  • Has been in the print, web design and development world for over 20 years (remember QuarkXpress and Photoshop 4.0?)
  • Has worked in both small, fast-paced startup and large advertising agency
  • Photographed hundreds of weddings over a span of over ten years
  • Considers himself a creative geek
  • Is absolutely in love with his wife and loves his family much!